Humanity in Action Fellowship 2017

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May 27th

Lenka Hora Adema – Group dynamics and safe space

May 28th

Maja Nenadovic – Debate training

May 30th

Fatma Koser Kaya – introduction by chair of the HIA board

Eduard Nazarski – introducation by the director of Amnesty International

Adeola Enigbokan – artist and urbanist, University of Amsterdam about intersectionality

Koen Vossen, political historian, Radboud University Nijmegen. Populism in The Netherlands

May 31st

Abram de Swaan – professor emeritus of Social Science at the University of Amsterdam. On genocidal regimes and perpetrators

Visit Anne Frank House

Fanny Heymann, child survivor WWII & Carolien Zimmerman, theatre maker

June 1st

Visit Tropenmuseum

Wayne Modest – professor of Material Culture and Critical Heritage  Studies, VU University. Contested histories; the collection of the Tropenmuseum

Sunny Bergman– documentary maker

Elvin Rigters – theatre producer

Anousha Nzume – artist and writer. On her book ‘Hello white people’

June 2nd

Sinan Çankaya – cultural anthropologist ,board member HIA NL, VU University Micro revolutions

Esmaa Alariachi – chair Al Nisa. Initiatives against islamophobia and anti-Semitism

Maartje Eigeman – Democracy and Media Foundation. Supporting the fight against islamophobia

Mitchell Esajas and Antoin Deul – Screening of documentary ‘I am not your Negro’ with Lucas Johnson (civil rights activist, coordinator at International Fellowship of Reconciliation), and Adwoa Aidoo (University of Color)

June 5th

Jelle Klaas – human rights lawyer, PILP and undocumented migrants

Sanne Mylonas, ex-entrepreneur in Greece

Visit to the Wereldhuis

June 6th

Lidija Zelovic – documentary: My own private war

Mounir Samuel – political scientist, journalist and author on social gender

Tugba Öztemir – human rights activist and peer educator on homonationalism

Cihan Tekeli – Unpacking identity, working in small groups on the theme ‘identity’

June 7th

Better Future Factory

Voice of Afghan Women

Heilige Boontjes

June 8th

Niels Schuddeboom –  indepent agent and healthcare consultant. Bypassing the system; living a life not many expect me to.

Awraham Soetendorp – rabbi and human rights activist. Life journey of a child survivor in rebuilding Jewish congregations, fostering respect education and pioneering interfaith cooperation and building up the institute for human values

Halleh Ghorashi – professor Diversity and Integration, VU University. Changed conditions of critical thinking and the power of interpersonal relations.

Frieda Menco – HIA advisory board and holocaust survivor

June 9th

Narku Lorenz Laing – Senior Fellow (Berlin, 2014), member of the Board of Directors of Humanity in Action Germany and freelance trainer. Workshop ‘strategies to counter everyday racism’.

June 12th

Anouk Eigenraam –  freelance journalist and Senior Fellow. On her book: Welcome to the world of adoption

David Limaverde – art-educator, performer, artactivist. On how theatre can be used as a tool for social transformation, and examples of a few techniques.

Kim van Haaster – filmmaker and anthropologist. On her film ‘Play no matter what’ and an introduction into the world of documentary film making by Kim’s story.

Ilana Cukier –  campaign stategist and Senior Fellow

June 14th

Boris Dittrich – Advocacy Director of the LGBTQ rights program at Human Rights Watch

June 16th

Berna Toprak (tbc) – Womens Inc

Suzanne Bouma –  senior researcher at Atria, institute on gender equality and women’s history

Amin Ghazaei – teacher and journalist. Women’s rights & Islam

June 20th Presentation Day

June 22-25 8th Humanity in Action International Conference in Berlin