Blog Fellowships 2013

The importance of empathy

On what seemed to be the rainiest and windiest day of the year– HIA embarked on a field trip. We first began at the Blue Mosque. This mosque (criticized by both progressive and conservative Muslims) seemed to embody the idea of community building and belonging. I was amazed by the lack of attention paid to […]

Preparing the Way

“It is journalism, baby, not hard-core science.” After hearing journalist Tino Wallaart and campaigner Jan Willem Dol, more and more of us fellows came to believe this ostensible truth. As we prepare to write our final reports we struggle to fuse our ambitious brainstorming ideas into concise content. We learned from Mr. Wallaart that the […]

And… Action!

‘Why’ was the main question we were confronted with on Friday. Mostafa Hilali, major in the Royal Netherlands Army, challenged us to think to about the passion and energy that drives our commitment to human rights. While motivations are varied and can be many, Hilali encouraged the group to consider standing up for a cause […]

Are you in or are you out?

“The first person I think of when I think of gays is Gerard Joling [a well known Dutch singer who also identifies as gay]” said a young female high school student featured in the documentary about Dutch youth attitudes toward homosexuality. She added “they are, you know, cosy.”   We began Thursday morning exploring and […]