Blog Fellowship 2014

Politicizing Story-Telling

At first glance, the “topic(s) of the day” for our scheduled program on Friday June 13, 2014 appeared to be inconsistent and noncohesive. However, there was one unexpected thread that tied together many of the lectures and the focus of our group discussion: storytelling. Shirin Musa, director of Femmes for Freedom, who spoke of her […]

Failure of Integration

After the long awaited lunch we were welcomed by Eduard Nazarski, director of Amnesty International. Following his description of the activities of Amnesty in the Netherlands as well as the rest of the world Gloria Wekker visited our programme. Dr. Wekker is a Emerita Professor in women’s studies at Utrecht and talked to us about […]

Promoting Gender Equality

When technical universities lure in female students with a high tea and cake, should we be thankful that they are addressing gender inequality in the technical universities/professions? Do we pick and choose our fights and try to achieve change gradually or do we fight forcefully? The issue of gender equality has been one of the […]

Empowering personalities

‘The personal is political’ For Shirin Musa, founder of Femmes for Freedom, this feminist slogan is the story of her life. She personally experienced living in marital captivity, which refers to a situation in which women are unable to terminate their religious marriage. After dissolving her Dutch civil marriage, her (ex-)husband refused to consent on […]


Hi Y’all, In this post I would like to talk about the function of empathy in constructing a successful ally-ship. The term ally-ship concerns a relationship of a privileged person with a less privileged person. This for example be heterosexual setting up a campaign to aid the homosexual community. Throughout this program I found myself […]