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Follow the fellows of Humanity in Action NL 2016 in pictures!

May 28 & 29

Getting to know each other

May 30

With Nancy Jouwe, Eduard Nazarski, Thomas Spijkerboer, Shevan, Qali and Ola

May 31

With Alexandra Jansse, Cihan Tekeli, Rob van der Laarse and fellow talks by Chryssa, Cameron and Sahar.

June 1

Visit to Westerbork, with Fanny Heymann

June 2

With Jennifer Tosch, Glenn Helberg and fellow talks by Nejra and Ashley

June 3

With Jerry Afriyie, Astrid Elburg and Sinan Cankaya. Fellow talks by Merel de Herder and Eunelda Cairo

June 4

Rooftop lecture by Gerard van der Ree and Lilian dam Bracia, organised by Benjamin Asante

June 6

With Bastiaan Rijpkema, Jelle Klaas, Laurens Meijer and Rocky. Fellow talks by Mehrgol Tiv, Anouk van Eekeren. Nejra Mulaomerovic and Sasa Buljevic on Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Public event ‘People on the run, people on the move’ with Bram van Oijk, Rajin Alqallih, Babah Tarawally and Maja Grcic

June 7

The Hague with visits to the ICTY, Justice and Peace, New World Campus and the beach


June 8

Identity, LGBTQI rights – with Tugba Oztemir; workshop: homonationalism with Tara Nduma Flach, Queer walking tour with Bear Silver; Greece, Fellow’s talk: Oumou and Kelvin


June 9

Arts & diversity – Patricia Kaersenhout, underprivileged neighbourhoods and urban violence discussed at the foundation Connect with Said Bensellam and Femke Kaulingfreks. Fellow’s talk: Gage and Zohara


June 10

Betzavta Training, Fellow’s talk: Rick


June 13

Disability rights: discussed with Gijs Bruggeman and Pauline Gransier; plural identity lecture by Mounir Samuel and fellow’s talk by Heseyin, Lisa, Maria-Louisa and Katherine